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The skills in dried Shiitake selection

2016-06-25 15:47:04

1. Color and lustre
The Shiitake that has its special color and lustre, yellowish brown or black brown, color and lustre are bright is good; that lamella color is between faint yellow and milk white is good. 
2. Fragrance
Have thick and special Shiitake fragrance; the Shiitake that have no fragrance and have other strange smell or musty taste is poor quality.
3. Shape
Flower mushroom has best quality, in addition we can distinguish from these aspects: the Shiitake that mushroom cap is thick, intact and not entirely open is good; the Shiitake that lamella is even and close, mushroom stem is short and sturdy, the edge is involute and hypertrophic is good. 
4. Water content
Dry Shiitake should be dry and water content should be 11%~13%. It should not be too dry, if you use hand to pinch and it breaks, the quality is poor. Too wet is against storage and easy to deteriorate.