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New cultivation way of Enoki mushroom

2016-07-18 08:44:21

Homemade compost
Cottonseed hull 84%, wheat bran 14%, gypsum 1%, monopotassium phosphate 0.2%, magnesium sulfate 0.25%, carbendazim 0.55%, mix them equably, add water with the ratio of 1:1.3 of the materials and water, mix equably again, then the compost is made.
Filling and disinfection
Put the composts in wild-mouth bottles or bags, when filling degree of tightness should be moderate to prevent later fruiting all over the bottle/bag. Seal the bottles/bags and put them in normal temperature pot to disinfect, to cook them at 100℃ for 8-10 hours.
To cultivate at moderate temperature
After thorough cooling, under the flame of alcohol burner in inoculation room or inoculation boxes, dig the strain lump out from strain bottles, and move them into cultivation bottles or bags, and then put them in cultivation room to cultivate hyphae. Cultivation room temperature should be controlled at 22-26℃, strictly prohibit extending cultivation time under low temperature to prevent fruiting without full spawn running and affecting output and quality.
Careful management
After the hyphae grow full of bottles/bags, move them into mushroom plant, open the bottles/bags and scratch mycelia to stimulate fruiting. After mushroom buds formed regeneration management should be done well to promote mushroom buds density increase, and then bag or cover with newspapers, so as to achieve microclimate with high concentration of carbon dioxide to facilitate the growth of Enoki mushroom. When the mushrooms grow to the height of 4-5cm, you should pay attention to water management, cultivation field humidity should be 80-90%, the temperature should be 8-14℃, use straw matting or black plastic cloth to block light in the field, light intensity should be that you could dimly see Chinese characters of number 5. You can harvest when the mushrooms grow to the height of 15-20cm.(source: Gansu Science and Technology News)