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China’s first batch of robots intelligently catch one Shiitake in 0.8s

2017-11-01 16:17:57

According to related principal from Hubei Yuguo Gu Ye Co., LTD, not long ago, the company’s 4 robots formally debuted for Shiitake sorting, which indicates China’s first application of robot sorting within Shiitake industry.
Through “Eyes” that are made of cameras, it only takes 0.8s for robot to accurately recognize the size, shape and figure of a Shiitake, and robots are also able to distinguish from different Shiitake varieties and put them into corresponding baskets. In addition, the ability of working for 24 hours is another new highlight.
“Shiitake sorting requires a lot of labor forces, while hard employment is always the gripping problem that hinders the development of Shiitake deep-processing industry,” introduces Mr. Lei Yuguo, the chairman of Yuguo Company, adding that the robots’ accuracy rate of recognition comes to 99.7%, which exceeds over 10% compared with artificial work while indicating over 2 times of sorting speed.

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