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  • Korea: Hericium erinaceus is becoming a popular exotic food
    Hericium erinaceus, which is also called Yamabushitake in some regions, is becoming the hottest food in Ganghwado, Korea

    2015-07-09 16:58:47/Read More

  • Austria: Rare mushroom found in Carinthia
    A group of researchers from the Graz Joanneum University of Applied Sciences has discovered an extremely rare matsutake

    2014-09-10 15:54:40/Read More

  • The United States:The Mushroom Forager leads hike to find delectable or deadly mushrooms
    Champlain Area Trails (CATS) will host a three-part mushroom identification workshop titled Three Views of Black Kettle

    2014-07-18 10:37:46/Read More

  • The United States:‘Edible Wild Plant/Mushroom Walk’ in Mansfield Great Woods
    The Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield is sponsoring an Edible Wild Plant/Mushroom Walk to be held on Tuesday, July 22

    2014-07-17 11:43:41/Read More

  • Cambodia:Growing into the mushroom market
    The early days were tough going for Kim Puthkiri and his mushrooms. In 2010, Puthkiri inherited a 5,000-square-metre mus

    2014-07-16 13:54:42/Read More

  • The United States: Foraging for the elusive chanterelle in the woods of Calhoun County
    A culinary adventure began for three Jacksonville residents early one July morning, where a rutted, grassy trail dead-en

    2014-07-15 11:38:56/Read More

  • Finnish: pupils’ space mushroom project set for lift-off
    Children from a Finnish school have developed an experiment that will leave earth tomorrow bound for the International S

    2014-07-14 11:27:38/Read More

  • The United Kingdom:New Mushroom Species Discovered in Store-Bought Package
    When most think about discovering a new species, they probably imagine finding a new plant in the Amazon or a new creatu

    2014-07-10 14:36:20/Read More

  • Australia: Senators to take up Costa fight against mushroom levy increase
    The Australian Mushroom Growers Association says the majority of levy payers support an increase to the levy, which the

    2014-07-09 13:54:37/Read More

  • North Korea: Mushroom Factory Move into New Apartment
    On June 27th, the employees of the mushroom factory in North Hamgyong Province, North Korea have move into their new apa

    2014-07-03 12:00:26/Read More

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  • Artificial cultivation of Reishi mushroom yields a better tomorrow

    2020-09-08 17:14:22/Read More

  • Anhui Fuyang Logistic Center of Agricultural Products: Analysis of Mushroom Price

    2020-09-07 17:22:13/Read More

  • Agaricus blazei cultivation is fattening poor households’ wallet

    2020-09-04 17:19:11/Read More

  • Fujian Province: Russula mushrooms are coming into season

    2020-08-13 17:25:13/Read More

  • Jiangsu Lingjiatang Market: Analysis of Mushroom Price

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