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The United States:The Mushroom Forager leads hike to find delectable or deadly mushrooms

2014-07-18 10:37:46

Champlain Area Trails (CATS) will host a three-part mushroom identification workshop titled “Three Views of Black Kettle Trail” led by Ari Rockland-Miller, co-founder of The Mushroom Forager.
 “Every summer in this region, there are so many mushrooms that go unnoticed,” Rockland-Miller said. “This is a good way to tune your eyes, your foragers eyes, into the rainbow below our feet of different mushrooms.”


Participants will learn about the world of mushrooms and the art of finding and identifying them during three two-hour guided hikes on the Black Kettle Trail in Essex on Saturday, July 19, Tuesday, Aug. 26 and Sunday, Sept. 14, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
 “Mushroom foraging is really just a lens for how our landscape changes so quickly around us,” said Catherine Haskins, board member of CATS. “We spaced out the workshops so that each time you go out on the same trail you will see a whole new world of mushrooms.”
The first workshop will begin with a brief introduction to mushroom foraging techniques, discuss how to harvest them and introduce the  “ForageCast” approach to locating them, which is an up-to-date list of edible mushrooms in season in the Northeast, informed by their finds as well as field reports from mycophiles, people who like hunting for, cooking or eating mushrooms and other edible fungi.
 “It’s really a beautiful trail,” Rockland-Miller said. “It’s fun to get out there, explore the lush woods and also have an eye to these mushrooms.”
Preregistration is required, and class size is limited to 20 participants. Participants are asked to make a $100 donation per adult to register for the full series of hikes. CATS encourages people to take part in all three workshops and welcomes substitutes for those who can only attend one or two of the workshops to see the different varieties of mushrooms the trail has to offer.

Source: from DenPubs