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Shandong Xuerong Biotechnology: Daily output on fresh mushroom hits 300 tons

2018-05-10 16:10:33

Now, in industrialized mushroom workshop managed by Shandong Xuerong Biotechnology Co., LTD, Enoki mushrooms are showing desirable growth tendency.
“Last year, Xuerong Company raised 690 million CNY and established Phase-two Enoki mushroom and Project of Hypsizigus marmoreus in Dezhou City, Shandong Province of China. After the operation of Phase Two, profits in the first two months of this year have attained over 30 million CNY,” introduces related principal passionately.
According to statistics, now, daily output on fresh mushroom comes to 300 tons within Dezhou City, and the anniversary mushroom production also provides above 340 job opportunities for surrounding masses.
Shandong Xuerong Biotechnology Co., LTD ranks first in Chinese mushroom industry on aspect of industrialized mushroom output and quality, and it holds core independent intellectual property rights as well as independent development capacity. Now, main varieties cultivated in the company include Enoki, Shimeji, White beech, King oyster, Shiitake, Button, Seafood mushroom and others.
After the complete operation of Phase-two project of Enoki mushroom, 600 population could be provided with stable jobs, with the estimated annual output of 50,000 tons on Enoki mushroom, annual profits hit 100 million CNY.
In the future, Xuerong Company proposes to raise 1 billion CNY on establishment of a Polysaccharide Functional Mushroom Drink Project that occupies 90 mu of land. All the products will be independently developed by Chinese and Japanese experts, the estimated annual mushroom consumption amounts to 45,000 tons. After the formal production, the anticipated sales incomes obtain 3 billion CNY or so while taxation of profits reaches 1.2 billion CNY.