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High-tech Mushroom Garden Project was smoothly signed

2018-05-09 17:03:22

Recently, signing ceremony of High-tech Mushroom Garden Project was held in Qinyang County, Henan Province of China.
According to know, the garden situates in industrial mushroom cluster of Qinyang County, Henan Province of China, it covers 470 mu of area and mainly engages in industrialized production of King oyster, White beech, Shimeji, Seafood and Enoki mushroom. After its complete production, the estimated annual output value hits 600 million CNY, gross profits come to 120 million CNY, annual consumption on straw and other agricultural wastes reaches 100,000-120,000 tons while 150,000 tons of bio-organic fertilizer could be output per year.
This time of smooth signing is of important meaning to investment promotion of Qinyang County. Besides, it will surely lay a solid foundation to the expansion of local industrial mushroom cluster, the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading while it plays a crucial importance to extend industrial chain and stimulate the development of mushroom industry.