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Industrialized mushroom production launches new development pattern

2018-04-28 16:43:24

Now, in mushroom factory owned by Shandong Fanghua Mushroom Co., LTD, staffs are engaged with the packing and marketing work of White beech mushroom.
Founded in 2011, Shandong Fanghua Mushroom Co., LTD is a modernized agricultural leading enterprise which sets R&D of strain, mushroom cultivation, processing and marketing into one. Annual output capacity comes to 12,000 tons on White beech, Shimeji, Nameko, Agrocybe Cylindracea, Enoki and Shaggy Mane.
Industrialized mushroom production highlights profitable revenues while it is second to none on aspect of environmental production. All the production flows are completely green from the acquisition of raw material to waste disposal. At present, Chinese mushroom industry is experiencing the transition from traditional mode to a specialized industrialized one. According to estimation, in the next decade, development space of Chinese industrialized mushroom production is rather broad.