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Heilongjiang Bingrong Company leads speedy development trend

2018-04-26 17:05:13

On April 26th, there indicates a busy scene in workshop operated by Heilongjiang Bingrong Biotechnology Co., LTD.
As the sole enterprise that engages in industrialized King oyster mushroom production in Development Zone of Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province of China, Bingrong Company is also one of several large-scale industrialized mushroom enterprises within Heilongjiang Province.
Through two years of development, now, strains and bags of King oyster mushroom, Black fungus and Shiitake produced from Bingrong Company occupy strong superiority on aspect of quality, output and price within the province. Besides, the company also sits at the leading level regarding strain, craft and formula of substrate in China. Now, daily output capacity of King oyster mushroom totals 50,000 bags, daily output on fresh King oyster mushroom comes to 20 tons and daily production on deep-processed King oyster mushroom products attains 4 tons.
In order to push the development of mushroom industry, Bingrong Company positively builds specialized technical team, after-sales service team and conducts full guidance, consultant and service for cultivators, which promotes maximal profit and exploits the prosperous path.