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King oyster mushrooms are scrumptiously coming into season

2018-04-24 16:53:26

In late April, Heilongjiang Qidagu Mushroom Development Co., LTD is greeting the picking time of the first batch of King oyster mushroom.
“Now, it is the peak production period, daily output hits 5 tons, in case of full capacity, the number is doubled to 15-20 tons,” introduces chairman of Qidagu Company excitedly, adding that fresh King oyster mushroom products are sold well on market inside and outside of Heilongjiang Province, China with the market price of 2.6 CNY per kg.
Over the years, Mingshui County of Heilongjiang Province keeps on promoting the adjustment of agricultural structure, constantly excavating the development potential of green food and building a green platform.
Established on November, 2016, Heilongjiang Qidagu Mushroom Development Co., LTD mainly engages in industrialized cultivation of Seafood mushroom and King oyster mushroom. On its Phase One Project, primary fixed assets amount to 18 million CNY, daily production scale attains 60,000 bags and annual production capacity comes to 10,000 tons.