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Industrialized mushroom production fevers

2018-04-20 17:08:07

Over years of development, mushroom production implemented in Yanjun Farm of Lesser Khingan Mountains, Heilongjiang Province of China has realized the transformation and promotion. Now, stick production is in position of industrialization.
In recent years, along with the development of economy and technology, and the increasing maturity of electronic technique and information technology, the revolution on greenhouse control has emerged while industrialized mushroom production has been widely used.
In Yanjun Farm, gross investment on Phase One attains 37 million CNY. By now, a mushroom base that covers 24,000 square meters and holds the annual processing capacity of 10 million bags has been built. In vigorous spring, the base fully exploits the advantage of machinery and accelerates the production speed of mushroom stick at full stream by form of mechanization and assembly line, which greatly lifts the development course of local mushroom industry.
Evidently, industrialized stick production powerfully strengthens the transformation and upgrading of mushroom industry and exploits a prosperous path for the masses.