Jvlu County was titled “Provincial Model Base of Mushroom Modern Park”

2017-01-11 16:34:13

Recently, Jvlu County of Hebei Province was given the title of “Provincial Model Base of Mushroom Modern Park”.
In recent years, to adapt the development of mushroom industry in the whole province, Jvlu County has been devoting great efforts to promoting the transformation & upgrading and technology innovation of mushroom industry, more economic and social benefits are obtained.
Since last year, the county has been building under-forest mushroom cultivation model base with an area of 1600 mu in the town, main cultivation kinds are Shiitakes, Oysters and Auricularia polytricha. Moreover, Lemin Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.in this county has been building mushroom bag factory whose daily output is at 100 thousand bags by covering an area of 55 mu, and building a solid foundation for expanding the size of under-forest mushroom cultivation.