Expo Introduction

"China International Mushroom New Products and Equipment Expo" has been successfully held for many times, more than 3000 established enterprises take this opportunity to show their new technique, new product and new equipment. The hold of this exhibition raises the comprehensive technology level, promotes the communication of gripping questions, enlightens the thought of industry development and further enhance the overall level and the adaptability to change in the market. "The Annual New Product And Technology" also get consistent affirmation from colleagues and relevant supervisors by its "big scale, extensive popularity, realistic content" standard.

In order to further promote the " New normality" sound development of Chinese Edible Fungus. It was decided that "China (Hefei) International New Product and Technology of Edible Fungus Expo and Market Circulation Summit " , which is sponsored by China Township Enterprises Association & Edible fungus Branch and China Edible Mushroom Business Net, will open at Anhui International Conference Center from April 22 to 24,2016 (Please arrive on April 22).

This exhibition will concentrate on National Development Strategy and Edible Fungus Enterprise Financial Investment Management, Rare Breed Development, Product Market Circulation Channels and other focus issues such as "Reform of supply side", "One Belt One Road ", "Internet" and "Industry Precision for Poverty Alleviation". Some leaderships from agriculture department, other relevant experts and entrepreneurs will be invited to come around for some communications and discussions. We will also conduct some discussions regarding new product and technology results of Edible Fungus enterprise, edible fungus cycle leisure industry model,financial management and money attraction, policy of capital projects and Edible fungus e-commerce.This exhibition is also a ideal platform to demonstrate enterprises image and develop product sale channel. It is also the fantastic industry exchange grand exhibition that should not be missed.

This exhibition is sponsored by China Township Enterprises Association & Edible fungus Branch and China Edible Mushroom Business Net. Edible Fungus producers and relevant units are expected to attend.