Expo Highlights

This exhibition includes all forms such as keynotes talk, forum discussion, symposium and individual coaching, highlights the interaction between experts and representatives, the exchange of supply and demand, the merge of domestic and overseas, Fully meet the needs of delegates. At the same time, some on-site mushroom cooking and mushroom knowledge activities will be set to add the audience participation and expand the product brand of some participating enterprises.

1. International Exhibition: Build the channels of domestic and overseas Edible Mushroom interactions, offer international exchange platform for Edible Mushroom Industry implementation of product, technique, equipment and talent people "going out". Achieve the aim of "domestic and overseas Edible Industry are getting more and more closer".

2. Authoritative Exhibition: the exhibition has been successfully held for 14th and has formed major impacts in Mushroom field, Both the number of participants and the exhibition products occupies the first place.

3. Market-oriented Exhibition: During the exhibition, we will aim at current mushroom market situation and in order to guide and help practitioners to comply with the trend of transformation development, we will hold technical training and market illustration meeting regarding a series of Edible Mushroom Treasures such as Shiitake, Black Fungus,Morel and White Mushroom.

4. Professional Exhibition: We own experienced organizers from the exhibition. The exhibition is located in Anhui International Convention And Exhibition Center, which has convenient transportation and multiple functions. All advantages will offer comprehensive and excellent services.

5. Diversified Exhibition: the annual new product and technique exhibition has become an important platform for all colleagues, this professional exhibition will show reams of participants , comprehensive display of products, extensive business collaboration, convenient communication chance, professional statement from the guests, authoritative report content and in-depth project communication.

1. The practical significance discussion on sustainable development of edible fungus industry regarding "Reform of the supply side"

2. Edible fungus enterprise financial investment management and capital operation (new three board listing) channel docking.

3. Edible fungus project planning and financial guidance support declaration.

4. Edible fungus enterprise marketing and brand strategy seminar.

5. The internet electricity of edible fungus product marketing and OTO model resolution.

6. The marketing development of rare edible fungus varieties and technical training

①Morchella production technical training and market development.

②Black Termitomuces mushroom production technical training and market development.

③The factorial production workshop planning and technical training of Agaricus bisporus.

The display, transaction and negotiation of new product and technology.

①The display of fresh, dried and deep-processing edible mushroom product .

②The equipment display of edible fungus production, processing, cold storage, preservation and transportation and other mushroom materials.

③The display and release regarding the latest edible fungus achievements.

8. Visit the producing area of edible fungus.