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Zhejiang: Shiitake capsule mushroom spawn technique achieved outstanding effects in Qingyuan

2015-06-09 14:58:52

The principle of capsule mushroom spawn is pressing mushroom bags with cultured strain on the plastic honeycomb panel to resume growth, just like capsule pills. The expiration date of capsule mushroom spawn under normal temperature is 2 to 8 days; it can be extended to 15 to 20 days  in the cold storage. 
Most techniques of Shiitake capsule mushroom spawn cultivation and common mushroom spawn cultivation are same, except the inoculation link. In the inoculation link, capsule mushroom spawn replaces common mushroom spawn; the inoculation methods, expiration date of mushroom spawn and aerating mushroom bags have special requirements. 
Based on this technique, the inoculation efficiency is improved, the infection of mixed bacteria and insects can be controlled, and the mycelia growth is promoted. 
From 2001, Qingyuan Edible Mushroom Science Research Centre introduced the capsule mushroom spawn technique. It integrated local actual situations and carried a pilot project. Till now, there are four types of Shiitake that adopts this technique. In 2014, the total production of capsule mushroom spawn was 150 thousand, it had inoculated 30 million mushroom spawns. It is projected that the Qingyuan Edible Mushroom Science Research Centre will inoculate 36 to 40 million mushroom spawns.