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King oyster mushrooms cooked this way are CONSUMMATE

2020-05-09 17:23:11

1 King oyster mushroom
1 asparagus lettuce
A green pepper
Condiments: Sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce and oil
Cooking direction:
1.Go seed of the green pepper, rinse off and then break into chunks or cut into pieces.
2.Cut off the bottom portion of King oyster mushroom and discard, then roughly dice the mushroom up.
3.Peel the asparagus lettuce, rinse off before cutting into dices.
4.In a hot wok, add oil, once hot, drop in diced King oyster mushroom, asparagus lettuce and stir frequently over medium and high heat for 3 minutes or so.
5.Combine with green pepper chunks and go on the flame for another 2 minutes.
6.Adjust the taste with soy sauce and oyster sauce. Sprinkle with a pinch of sugar to enhance its flavor, then add half a bowl of water (homemade chicken stock would be better), cover the wok, reduce to slow heat and maintain for at least 5 minutes till evaporated and all ingredients are soft. Serve and enjoy.