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Try Straw mushrooms braised this way

2020-04-18 17:01:21

A handful of Straw mushrooms
200g wax gourd
bruised ginger
A bowl of soup stock, preferably homemade
Condiments: Oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce, fish sauce
Cooking steps:
1.Rinse Straw mushrooms off, soak in saline water before cutting in halves.
2.Peel the wax gourd and remove the pulp, then coarsely cut into thick slices or chunks.
3.In a wok, add oil, once hot, drop in bruised ginger and stir till fragrant. Then add wax gourd chunks, Straw mushrooms and toss about over high flame for 3 minutes or so.
4.Dump with a bowl of soup stock, maintain the high heat for another 3 minutes.
5.When evaporated, season to taste with soy sauce, fish sauce and sprinkle with a pinch of salt and sugar. Serve and enjoy.