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Good combination between broccoli and Shiitake mushroom, for dieters

2020-03-23 17:06:15

1 broccoli
2-3 Shiitakes mushrooms
Chopped onion, bruised ginger and minced garlic
Condiments: Salt, chicken powder, water starch, sugar
Easy-to-follow steps: 
1. Rinse off the broccoli, break into chunks and set aside.
2. Remove the bottom portion of Shiitake mushrooms, then slice mushrooms up.
3. In a wok filled with boiling water, go blanch of the two ingredients and then set aside to cool down.
4. In a wok, add oil, once hot, drop in chopped onion, bruised ginger, minced garlic and toss about till fragrant, then combine with sliced Shiitake mushrooms, broccoli chunks and stir over high flame for 3 minutes or so.
4. Lightly adjust the taste with a pinch of salt, sugar and chicken powder. If desired, finally thicken it with the mixture of water and starch. Enjoy.