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Gansu Province of China: Market Analysis of Mushroom Price

2019-09-12 16:15:59

According to mushroom quotation provided by Gansu Lanzhou Zhangsutan Vegetable Wholesale Market, on September 11, King oyster mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, Superior Shiitake mushroom, White beech mushroom, Brown Shimeji mushroom, Agrocybe cylindracea and Button mushroom are 7 mushroom varieties that show price rise. 

1. Price of King oyster mushroom has risen from 6.5 to 6.8 CNY per kg, indicating 5% of increase range.

2. Price of Shiitake mushroom has risen from 10 to 12 CNY per kg, indicating 20% of increase range.

3. Price of Superior Shiitake mushroom has risen from 14 to 15 CNY per kg, indicating 7% of increase range.

4. Price of White beech mushroom has risen from 13.3 to 16.7 CNY per kg, indicating 26% of increase range.

5. Price of Brown Shimeji mushroom has risen from 18.3 to 21.7 CNY per kg, indicating 19% of increase range.

6. Price of Agrocybe cylindracea has risen from 13 to 14 CNY per kg, indicating 8% of increase range.

7. Price of Button mushroom has risen from 11.5 to 14.3 CNY per kg, indicating 24% of increase range.

On the contrary, by September 11, Oyster mushroom and Seafood mushroom are 2 varieties that show price fall.

1. Price of Oyster mushroom has dropped from 7 to 6 CNY per kg, indicating 14% of decline range.

2. Price of Seafood mushroom has dropped from 9 to 8 CNY per kg, indicating 11% of decline range.

“Price of Enoki mushroom is at 5 CNY per kg. Recently, price of the majority of mushroom is rising at a small range in our market. Besides, as Moon Festival and National Day approach, mushroom producers are striving to enhance the quantity of supply, hence price of mushroom is expected to stay stable in future time,” introduces manager of Gansu Lanzhou Zhangsutan Vegetable Wholesale Market warmly.