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Trial hanging-bag Black fungus cultivation gets fruitful outcomes

2019-07-25 08:53:53

In order to accelerate the development of mushroom industry, enlarge the local brand of Black fungus, Fang County of Hubei Province takes the lead in introducing trial vertical technology of hanging-bag Black fungus cultivation. Now, in Tianhe Mushroom Cooperative, Black fungi are leading satisfactory growth tendency, the expected mu output reaches 1000 kg.

“In the past, growers used to put Black fungus bags in the fields, which indicates large area occupation, unstable output and unsure quality. Now, hanging-bag Black fungus cultivation technology breaks the traditional cultivation pattern and increases the amount of bags in unit area,” introduces related technicians warmly, going on that through scientific regulation on illumination, humidity and temperature in greenhouse, superior growing conditions for Black fungus could be created while growers also acquire high output and good quality. In equivalent area, its final output is five to six times higher than that of traditional cultivation pattern. Besides, hanging-bag pattern also effectively averts diseases and pests, lifts the quality and increases growers’ incomes.