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Scrambled eggs with tomato and Oyster mushrooms

2019-04-26 16:56:27

100g Oyster mushrooms
1 tomato 
2 eggs
Condiments: Oil, salt, chicken powder

1. Remove the base of Oyster mushrooms and then discard, rinse mushrooms and tear them into strips.
2. Crack eggs in a bowl, sprinkle with a dash of salt to season and whisk well.
3. In a food processor, squeeze the juice of tomato.
4. In a wok, add oil, once hot, pour in egg liquid and let sit for 2-3 minutes till caky, then break into chunks and remove into a plate.
5. Heat the wok again, pour in tomato juice, drop in Oyster mushroom strips and braise for 2 minutes or so, then combine with egg chunks and season with a pinch of salt and chicken powder. Serve and enjoy.