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Temperature requirement on growth of Eryngii mushroom

2019-03-14 16:35:18

Suitable temperature range for mycelia growth of Eryngii mushroom is 22-27 degrees Celsius and the optimal temperature is at 25 degrees Celsius or so. Mycelia lead poor growth trend at above 30 degrees Celsius.
Eryngii mushrooms are keen on constant temperature, excessive temperature difference goes against to the occurrence of primordia.

Moreover, suitable temperature range for the fruiting of Eryngii mushroom is 10-18 degrees Celsius while the optimal range is 12-16 degrees Celsius. And, primordia refuse to occur under 8 degrees Celsius, misshapen mushrooms and diseases arise at above 20 degrees Celsius, particularly resulting in rotten and dead mushrooms. 

Lastly, temperature range for the growth of sporocarp is 10-21 degrees Celsius, the optimal range is 10-18 degrees Celsius. It should be noted that the mastery to temperature varies from culture to culture. When you introduce mushroom culture, be sure to particularly get to know its characteristics.