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Bean curb residues are the treasure for Oyster mushroom cultivation

2019-03-11 16:19:30

Bean curb residues are packed with abundant nutrition. According to determination, bean curb residues which are in water content of 50% contain 11.3% of protein, 6.1% of fat, 7.4% of cellulose, 22.3% of sugariness and 2.9% of ash content. Bean curb residues contain rich protein and carbohydrate, thus shortening cultivation time and increasing the output of sporocarp. Adding them to other compost facilitates economically reducing the application amount of rice bran and wheat bran.

Cultivation of Oyster mushroom implemented by bean curb residues is simple and it should be done in low-temperature season.

When the water content of bean curb residues is at about 85%, it has to be desiccated to below 60% or residues are completely dried, then adjust the water content to 60%.

Formula of compost: 60-70kg of bean curb residue, 27-37 kg of cottonseed hull, straw or rice hull, 3 kg of lime powder, 50 kg of water and 100g of Carbendazim, then mix well and adjust the water content to 60%. growers could do the cultivation with plastic bags, carry out spawn-running management in accordance with common method till mushrooms fruit.