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Light meal: Enoki mushroom and pumpkin soup

2019-01-31 08:37:05

400g pumpkin (cushaw)
100g snow peas
250g Enoki mushrooms
800g soup stock, preferably homemade
600g water 
2g salt

Cooking procedures:
1. Remove the inside of pumpkin, cut into chunks and set aside. 
2. Rinse Enoki mushrooms off, break apart the stuck-together stem pieces from each other by hand. Cut snow peas into segments.
3. In a wok, fill in soup stock and water, drop in pumpkin chunks and stew for 30 minutes over soft fire, then blend with Enoki mushrooms, and go on for 8 minutes over high heat. After that, let snow peas join in and bring into a boil again.
4. Lightly season with a dash of salt and stir evenly. Enjoy.