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Indigenous fertilizing methods to boost mushroom output

2018-05-17 16:43:20

1. Mushroom soup: Collect waste mushroom feet and broken pieces, rinse them off and thinly cut them into slices, combine 1-1.5kg of water with each kg of material, allow 15 minutes of boiling. Then, take the filtered juice, dump with moderate water and dilute it into 10-15kg of solution. After the preparation, growers could spray it on fungi bed that covers 30-40 square meters during the peak fruiting season, which facilitates obtaining chubby sporocarps and extending the peak fruiting season.
2. Dung and dirt fertilizer: After smashing dried pig manure and cow dung, soak them in lime solution and pile up for 15 days. Then, add fertile mud and a small amount of plant ash which account for 50% of manures. During the fruiting period, growers could firstly clear up the surface of fungi bed and get rid of old roots, then scatter it on bed surface so as to boost the production. 
3. Cow urine and dung: Take fresh cow dung and urine, bring them into a boil till foams disappear, then dilute with 7-8 times of water. In every 2-3 days, growers could lightly spray the solution on fungi bed. In case that tiny mushrooms evolve on the surface of bed, just spray the solution before spraying fresh water again, which promotes the growth of tiny mushrooms.
4. Plant ash: Soak 25kg of plant ash in 50kg of water. After the filtration, spray it on fungi bed, which helps prevent mushrooms from turning red.
5. Fertilizer solution: Prepare 0.1%-0.2% of urea solution, spray it in every 2-3 days to moisten fungi bed and thicken the sporocarps which fruit in the middle and later period. It is also suggested to dissolve 0.5kg of superphosphate in 15kg of water, then take the filtered juice, mix well with 50g of ammonium carbonate. Growers could spray the solution on fungi bed, which contributes to the thickening of mushroom bodies and yield increase.
6. Saline water: Dissolve 0.5kg of salt in 50kg of water. During the peak fruiting period, spraying it on fungi bed facilitates growing pure white bodies.
7. Soybean milk: Soak 2kg of soybean in water until soft, then ground into soybean milk, filter the residues and combine with 80kg of water. After the preparation, growers could spray it on fungi bed that occupies 80-100 square meters, which helps yield sturdy and pure-white mushrooms.
8. Glucose water: Dissolve 1kg of glucose powder in 100kg of water, and spray it on fungi bed.
9. Carrot juice: Prepare 10kg of carrot, thinly cut them into pieces, combine with 15kg of water and bring into a boil for 15 minutes. After that, take the filtered juice and add 40 times of water. Growers could spray the solution on fungi bed that covers 300-400 square meters, which helps raise 10%-15% of final output.