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Guizhou Province of China: Mushroom industry gets vigorous promotion

2018-05-17 16:41:59

Since this year, Wuchuan Autonomous County, Guizhou Province of China keeps on accelerating the development of mushroom industry that highlights Oyster, Black fungus and Morel mushroom by relying on its natural endowment of mountain resources and ecological superiority.
By the end of April, area of mushroom cultivation has totaled 1304 mu in Wuchuan Autonomous County. Besides, gross mushroom output has come to 736.45 tons, of which Black fungus occupied 590 tons. And, output value attained 9.3959 million CNY, of which Black fungus held 4.5383 million CNY.
In Wuchuan Autonomous County, by innovative agriculture-supermarket jointing, product experience and other mode of mushroom marketing, market occupancy is greatly improved. In addition, through the promotion of mushroom product in direct-selling windows, marketing channels of mushroom and other agricultural products are effectively broadened.