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Trial Morel cultivation gets succeeded in cold shed

2018-05-16 16:35:56

At present, in two mushroom greenhouses of Haerbian Village, Tieling City, Liaoning Province of China, Morels are evolving into harvest time while workers are delightedly engaged with the picking work.
“Last October, i successively launched trial Morel cultivation that involves 7 varieties in 10 cold sheds, through wind resistance, water supplementing, temperature control and other manual intervention, bumper harvest was eventually obtained,” introduces Mr. Yue, contractor of the two greenhouses excitedly.
Morel mushroom is a kind of hot rare mushroom variety which is resistant to low temperature. In China, cultivation of Morel mushroom indicates small investment and quick effect, rotatory cultivation between Morel and Rice also helps improve the soil, enrich organic fertilizer while promoting high yield. Now, in China, Morel mushroom holds high market value, broad profit space and stable marketing channels.