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Plain and flesh-free eating: Fried King oyster mushroom with snow beans and red pepper

2018-05-16 16:33:01

A handful of snow beans
2 King oyster mushrooms
1 red pepper
Moderate minced ginger and chopped onion
Condiments: Chicken powder, salt, sugar, light soy sauce
1. Trim snow beans, rinse them off and go bleaching.
2. Cut both sides of King oyster mushrooms and discard off, cut mushrooms into slices and set them aside.
3. Go seed of the red pepper, rinse and cut it into chunks.
4. In a wok, drizzle with moderate oil, once hot, drop in minced ginger, chopped onion and stir till fragrant. Then combine with King oyster mushroom slices and go on the heat till mushrooms are soft.
5. Invite snow beans, red pepper chunks and stir for 3-5 minutes or so. Lightly season with a dash of salt, sugar and chicken powder, sprinkle with moderate light soy sauce and stir evenly.