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Cultivation techniques of Agrocybe Cylindracea

2018-05-15 16:39:34

The temperature range for spawn growth of Agrocybe Cylindracea is 10-35 degrees Celsius, the optimal temperature range reaches 22-27 degrees Celsius. Temperature range for the formation and growth of sporocarps is 16-32 degrees Celsius and the optimal range is 20-28 degrees Celsius. It is advisable to launch the cultivation in spring and autumn, the followings are two principals during the cultivation:
1. 40-50 days after the inoculation, temperature should be controlled below 32 degrees Celsius.
2. 60 days after the inoculation day, temperature should be controlled at a range of 15-30 degrees Celsius.
Material formulas: 
Formula One: Sawdust 72%, Wheat bran 25%, Gypsum 1%, Sugar 1%, Superphosphate 0.5%, Lime 0.5%
Formula Two: Cottonseed hull 78%, Bran 20%, Gypsum 1%, Sugar 0.5%, Lime 0.5%
Formula Three: Sawdust 38%, Wheat bran powder or Corncob 37%, Wheat bran 23%, Gypsum 1%, Superphosphate 0.5%, Lime 0.5%
Preparation of fungus bags: Fill the materials in the polypropylene bags that hold the specification of 17cm*33cm*0.05cm, mix raw materials evenly, adjust the water content to a range of 60%-62% and the PH Value to a range of 6-6.5. After that, guarantee the height of 18cm on each bag and each bag carries about 450g of dried materials, then put on the neck straps, install the cotton plug and conduct the sterilization under atmospheric pressure, keeping for 10-12 hours under 100 degrees Celsius before cooling down to below 30 degrees Celsius, then start the inoculation in inoculation box or inoculation room, each bottle of stock strain inoculates 25-30 bags, then remove them into the cultivation room where is cool, dry, clean and ventilated. In general, it takes 40-50 days for spawns to become fully-grown.
Fruiting management: When you find that spawns are fully-grown and the surface of material begins to secrete yellow water, shows brown speckles and grows tiny buds, be sure to timely open bags, straighten bag mouth and spray water on the ground. Meanwhile, guarantee 85%-90% of relative air humidity, provide certain scattered light and strengthen the ventilation. Throughout the management of 10-15 days, bodies could be picked when they are medium-matured.