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Mushroom farming twinkles in Guiding Zhongqi Mushroom Co., LTD

2018-05-11 16:43:40

At present, in mushroom house managed by Guiding Zhongqi Mushroom Technology Research and production Co., LTD, Oyster mushrooms are revealing satisfactory growth trend.
Founded on March of 2015, Guiding Zhongqi Mushroom Technology Research and Production Co., LTD covers above 3000 mu of land and holds 180 million CNY of investment. The company is an integrated, modernized and ecological enterprise which sets scientific seedling cultivation, mushroom farming and marketing, leisure tour and sightseeing, deep processing of mushroom products into one.
Base construction of Zhongqi Company is divided into three phases. By now, 40 million CNY of gross investment has been raised while mushroom greenhouses which occupy 25,000 square meters have been built on Phase One. At present, characteristic mushroom varieties include Morel, Oyster, Tea Tree, Stropharia rugosoannulata and others.
On its Phase Two, gross investment totaled 80 million CNY, a sterilization workshop that occupies 3000 square meters and a spawn-running workshop which covers 8000 square meters have been built.
In 2017, gross output on fresh mushroom came to 2480 tons, output value hit over 24.60 million CNY and total profits attained 6.6 million CNY within Zhongqi Company. Next step, the company is going to research and develop new mushroom varieties, expand cultivation scale and lift the commodity rate of mushroom products and reach for 10 million sticks of output capacity by the end of 2018.