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The absolutely divine and not-too-heavy mushroom recipe

2018-05-09 17:01:15

We Need:
16-20 Straw mushrooms
A bowl of corn kernels
A red and green pepper
Moderate mince garlic
Condiments: Salt, chicken powder, starch, sugar
1. Rinse Straw mushrooms off and go bleaching for 3 minutes or so. Then place them into a circle in a plate.
2. Go seed of the red and green pepper, rinse off and cut them into dices.
3. In a wok, add moderate oil, once hot, drop in minced garlic and stir till fragrant. Then invite corn kernels, red and green pepper dices and thoroughly fry for above 5 minutes.
4. Season to taste with a pinch of salt, chicken powder, sugar and stir evenly. Thicken it with the mixture of water and starch. Finally pour it in centre of the plate. Serve.