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Morels vigorously break through the soil and evolve into harvest time

2018-04-28 09:07:55

Recently, as temperature climbs, Morels actively bloom in Wanghongni Family Farm of Xiabaozi Village, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province of China.
“I used to grow celery, tomato, kidney bean and other vegetables which require arduous endeavors and show unstable price. In 2017, after grasping at the technology of Morel cultivation, i decidedly launched into the industry. Up to now, 15 Morel greenhouses which hold 300 meters of length have been built in the farm,” said Mrs. Wang, principal of the farm passionately, adding that by 2018, the anticipated mu output on fresh Morel attains 150 kg, after removing various costs on strain and labor force, pure profits on each mu of land come to above 20,000 CNY.
Recognized as a kind of rare and high-end variety, Morel mushroom carries high nutritional, medicinal values, and it holds bright market prospective and considerable cultivation benefits.
Over the years, more and more growers take a chance in trial Morel farming, which constantly upsurges the craze. However, the great mass of Morel cultivation gather in Southern China and it is rather difficult to achieve the success in Northern China.