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Hubei Province of China: A Humanoid Ganoderma was foraged

2018-04-25 17:02:24

On 24th April, a humanoid wild Ganoderma was surprisingly foraged by a farmer living in Jiufogang Village, Taohuashan Town, Hubei Province of China.
“This wild stuff is 7.5cm in length, 3cm in width and 110g in weight, it is as lively as the human figure,” introduces Mr. Chen Debao, the forager excitedly, adding that his three generation are skilled in curing diseases with traditional Chinese medicines, and as the rare godsend  Ganoderma is hailed as the catholicon that brings the dying back to life.
To some extent, Ganoderma is the symbolic species that determines the superiority of ecological environment. This time of foraging of humanoid Ganoderma marks that ecological environment of Taohuashan Town is getting better. Next step, the town proposes to constantly strengthen the protection and management work so as to attain further greenness and sustainability.