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Shaanxi Province of China: Morel mushrooms enjoy hot sales

2018-04-24 16:54:51

At present, Morels cultivated in Xiba Village, Chenggu County, Shanxi Province of China are evolving into maturation period.
In 2016, Morel cultivation was introduced to Chenggu County and then trial cultivation that covers 50 mu of trial field was implemented by Hanzhong Zhongsheng Mushroom Co., LTD and mu output attained 500 kg. After that, with the alliance of Hanzhong Baisheng Agricultural Technology Co., LTD, a Morel garden that occupies 1000 mu was constructed.
To calculate by the market price of 160 CNY per kg on fresh form and 2200 CNY per kg on dried form, by 2018, 80 million CNY of economic benefits could be created by this sunrise industry.