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Shiitake cultivation reveals a booming tomorrow

2018-04-13 16:42:18

Now, in Shiitake greenhouse owned by Xinglong Mushroom Cooperative of Sidu Town, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province of China, Shiitakes show desirable growth tendency from rows of sticks.
“Each day, we output 2-3 tons of fresh Shiitakes, products gain popularity by general customers,” introduces Mr. Feng Jianquan, principal of the cooperative warmly.
Several years ago, Mr. Feng seized the opportunity of Shiitake industry, raised 500,000 CNY on over 20 mu of land transfer and obtained considerable profits. In 2015, he established Xinglong Mushroom Cooperative. Up to now, scale of the cooperative has been expanded to 82 mu while 63 steel-frame greenhouses have been built there. In 2017, annual mushroom output attained nearly 180,000 kg and sales volume came to over 2.2 million CNY. Next step, Mr. Feng proposes to extend a greenhouse and drive more villagers to get rid of poverty and grow rich.