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Intelligent Se-enriched Black fungus greenhouses experience the busyness

2018-04-19 16:44:10

Recently, staffs working in Weiduobao Se-enriched Black Fungus Base are engaged with bag preparation. This year, gross cultivation capacity on Se-enriched Black fungus attains over 2 million bags. By 2018, the anticipated total output hits 150,000 kg.
Weiduobao Se-enriched Black Fungus Base launched its construction on August, 2017. With the gross investment of 50 million CNY, 155 intelligent greenhouses and 131 airing greenhouses are in planned construction. After the complete construction, the anticipated annual output on Se-enriched Black fungus reaches 500,000 kg.
By the end of June, the first batch of Se-enriched Black fungus could appear on markets.
“We fully utilize Internet technology and control software to realize long-distance data acquisition on temperature, humidity, illumination and others,” introduces director of Weiduobao Se-enriched Black Fungus Base graciously, adding that wet screen-air blower, irrigation and shading equipment could be automatically controlled in the base, and it is going to become the development foundation and provide a wider platform for R&D of new products.