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Shiitakes cultivated in solar greenhouse are in vogue

2018-04-25 17:03:51

At present, in Shiitake greenhouse owned by Xiangrui Mushroom Cooperative of Gaoping Village, Zhengding County, Hebei Province of China, Shiitakes are vigorously growing from rows of sticks while staffs are delightedly busy with the picking work.
Founded in 2014, Xiangrui Mushroom Cooperative absorbs 12 steel-frame solar greenhouses. Within the cooperative, 6 flushes of Shiitake could be picked per year, gross output reaches 180 tons.
“Solar greenhouse shows wonderful heat preservation effect, Shiitakes cultivated there gain customers’ popularity by virtues of superior quality and thick texture,” introduces Mr. Zhang, principal of the cooperative warmly, adding that now, the present market price on fresh form is at 16 CNY per kg.