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Trial Morel cultivation blossoms into fruitful outcomes

2018-03-24 16:59:00

At present, Morel cultivation introduced from Sichuan Province is showing desirable growth trend in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China.
“The first batch of Morels are coming into season in spring, the maximal weight attains 88g. Now, mu output on fresh and dried mushrooms respectively obtains 500-600kg and 50-60kg,” introduces related technical staff, continuing that to calculate by the present market price of 1200 CNY per kg on dried form, mu output value comes to 60,000-70,000 CNY, after removing costs on strain and greenhouse leasing, net incomes hit above 40,000 CNY per mu.
Morel mushroom belongs to low-temperature type, this kind of variety is high in cultivation efficiency while requiring large investment and strict cultivation demand. In general, Morel mushroom could be cultivated under forest or in winter fallow field, it fits for the environment where holds the altitude of 600-1000 meters, neutral, alkali soil. Besides, soil moisture should be kept at 65-75% and growth temperature should be at 5-20 degrees Celsius. Most importantly, arch greenhouse and associated equipment should be built and introduced.