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Enoki mushroom cultivation reveals an affluent tomorrow

2018-03-24 16:55:00

For successive days, Enoki mushrooms cultivated in 3 greenhouses of Houyuanshan Village, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province of China have been completely sold out, net incomes attained at least 160,000 CNY.
“I used to raise wheat and corn for only one season, and my family was all in poverty-stricken condition. In 2012, local government provided me with a source of information on Enoki mushroom cultivation, positively leaded me to go out for investigation of mushroom technology,” introduces Mr. Zhang, owner of the greenhouses, saying that after the investigation, he launched trial Enoki mushroom cultivation and generated over 8000 CNY of annual profits. Then under the support of national policy and help of local town and village director, he established Hengda Enoki Mushroom Cooperative with the alliance of 6 villagers.
By now, over 60 members have been developed while above 100 greenhouses have been built within Hengda Cooperative. Annual output on Enoki mushroom attains 6 million kg, annual sales volume comes to over 30 million CNY while annual profits hit 4 million CNY.
As the cooperative grows stronger day by day, Enoki mushroom products keep on gaining popularity and they are always in short supply, which indicates a prosperous future.