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Button mushroom cultivation leads the masses to grow prosperous

2018-03-13 16:35:05

Now, Mr. Yu, one of villagers of Chunhuashan Village, Chongqing City of China, is engaged with picking work of Button mushroom with staffs in his base. 
On August, 2011, Mr. Yu returned to the hometown and was encouraged to embark on mushroom growing, after repeated investigation and study, Mr. Yu raised over 30,000 CNY and built 6 Button mushroom greenhouses.
In 2017, Mr. Yu managed 28 greenhouses, picking period was launched from November, 2017, and it will be maintained till the end of April. Besides, up to now, he has sold 25,000 kg of Button mushroom, gross incomes reached 100,000 CNY, after removing cultivation costs, net profits attained 90,000 CNY. And under the leadership of Mr. Yu, over 20 households have been leaded to launch into Button mushroom cultivation in Chunhuashan Village, which contributes to a characteristic backbone industry.