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Braised King oyster mushroom in abalone sauce

2018-01-29 16:36:22

1 King oyster mushroom
1 broccoli
Condiments: Salt, soy sauce, abalone sauce, corn starch, olive oil, sugar, soup stock
1. Cut and discard both sides of King oyster mushroom, then cut mushroom into slices.
2. Break broccoli into chunks, rinse and set them aside.
3. Prepare a sauce with half spoon of corn starch, 2 spoons of soup stock, moderate abalone sauce, soy sauce and stir evenly.
4. In a stockpot with boiling water, bleach King oyster mushroom slices for 2 minutes and ladle them out, then drizzle with moderate olive oil, sprinkle a dash of salt and sugar into the water before bleaching broccoli chunks for 3-4 minutes or so.
5. In a frying pan, add moderate olive oil, once hot, drop in King oyster mushroom slices, dump with the prepared sauce and braise for 6 minutes or so on gentle heat.
6. In a plate, garnish it with broccoli chunks, then fill the vacancy with braised King oyster mushroom slices but leave the sauce in the frying pan.
7. Pour starch into the frying pan and allow it to mix well with sauce, stir well till evaporated and pour it on top of mushroom slices. Enjoy.