Trial cultivation of Monkey head mushrooms obtained its success in greenhouse

2017-09-13 16:54:38

Recently, staffs working in greenhouses of Nongjiang Technology Garden of Kiamusze, Heilongjiang Province of China have been engaged with the picking and packaging work of Monkey head mushroom. According to know, Monkey head mushrooms produced from the garden hold the present market price of 30 CNY per kg, profits on each greenhouse come to 7500 CNY or so.
Along with people’s constant enhancement of health-maintenance, demands for Monkey head mushrooms are becoming overwhelming. 
Through repeated investigation, Monkey head mushrooms are cultivated in 2 waste greenhouses. Compared with wild cultivation mode, the availability could be brought forward for 2 months. In aspect of management, wild-imitation and organic mode have been achieved while maximum benefits have been realized.