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Six measures to eliminate diseases and pests during mushroom production

2017-05-20 09:17:26

1. Keep clean of mushroom house : Mushroom house should be thoroughly cleaned up before putting into utilization, mushroom farmers could spray with the solution of 800 times of DDVP. When implementing outdoor mushroom cultivation, be sure to firstly pull out surrounding weeds of cultivation field and apply 250 times of Trichlorfon solution on soil and cultivation field.
2. Prevent adult pests: When conducting indoor cultivation, you could nail thin gauze element on windows, doors and air holes so as to prevent adult pests. It is also efficient to trap and kill them by putting DCVP solution under the light.
3. Trap and kill adult pests: Mushroom flies and mosquitoes hold phototaxis, hence you could set black light lamp or daylight lamp and put DDVP solution under the light, which reveals considerable effect.
4. Pharmic fumigating: For indoor cultivation of mushroom, in airtight condition, you could fumigate with 2 or 3 pieces of Aluminium phosphide in each cubic metre so that you kill indoor pests.
5. Dispose compost: Mix 15 ml of Dicofol in each 50 kg of compost, then add 10 kg of water and mix evenly. You could spray it on surface of material, then heap up for 3 days, this method facilitates killing all pests. You could also mix 40%, 500 times of Octyl mercaptan or 2.5%, 1000 times of Dicis, which shows evident effects on pest-killing.
6. Spray drug to kill pests: When finding pests before mushrooms fruit, you could spray 500 times of Dipterex, 1000 times of Dicis or 800 times of DDVP to kill pests.