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Recipe: Braised Monkey head mushrooms

2017-05-03 16:53:11

200g Monkey head mushrooms
200g tofu
10g carrot
1 egg
1 ginger
1 spoon of corn powder, curry powder and oyster sauce
2 spoons of sweet potato flour
500g oil
1 spoon
A pinch of salt and sugar
1. Cut tofu into chunks, peel the carrot and then cut it into slices.
2. Mince the ginger, wash Monkey head mushrooms, soak them in cold water till soft, then drain off excessive moisture and tear into pieces, pickle with egg, curry powder, oil, salt and sugar, finally dress firstly with corn powder and then sweet potato powder.
3. In a pot, dump with moderate oil, when hot, drop in pickled, dressed Monkey head mushroom pieces and fry till golden, reserve some oil in the pot and remove fried Monkey head mushroom pieces out of the pot.
4. In the pot with reserved oil, add minced ginger and fry till fragrant, then combine with tofu chunks, carrot slices, fried Monkey head mushroom pieces, dump with half bowl of water and season with a spoon of oyster sauce. Braise the dish on soft heat till tasty. Enjoy.