The bag cultivation method of King oyster mushroom

2017-01-11 16:35:59

When finding that the spawns of King oyster mushroom have become fully grown, you could ensure certain temperature and humidity to realize its fruiting. under that circumstance, be sure to keep the temperature of mushroom house in 12-18 degrees and keep the humidity in 90%-95%, you could also spray some water into the space or on the ground, mushroom buds then will generally appear after 10-15 days, during this period, it is best to open bags from the formation of primordium to the emergence of tiny buds and it should be highlighted that temperature plays a decisive role in inducing mushroom buds. The fruiting speed is quick in the temperature of 12-16 degrees, too early bag-opening will affect the amount of fruiting and the quality, therefore, it is best to open bags when spawns haven’t tangled up. Furthermore, in order to extend the preservation length of sporocarps, 2 or 3 days before picking, you could keep the humidity in 80%-85%. During the management period, directly spray water on mushroom bodies. In high temperature, in particular, will cause yellow mushroom bodies and the occurrence of bacterias. Malformed mushrooms appear if you open up fungus sacks when sporocarps are biggish, in serious conditions, it leads to atrophy or rot on mushroom bodies. As a consequence, during the cultivation period of King oyster mushroom, it is optimal to open fungus sacks from the formation of primordium to the occurrence of mushroom buds.
A. Temperature control: The temperature of mushroom house directly affects the formation of primordium and the growth of sporocarps. When the temperature is in below 8 degrees, it will be hard for primordium to form. When the temperature rises to above 12 degrees, original sporocarps grow quickly, the quality of mushrooms gets declined while tiny mushroom buds stop growing, start to atrophy and promordium stop differentiating. When the temperature is continuously remained in above 21 degrees, original sporocarps become soft, atrophic and rotten, the surface group of the substrate will be as same as original spococarps. Thus it can be seen that the optimal temperature range of mushroom house is 12-18 degrees during the whole cultivation management.
B. Humidity control: The humidity of mushroom house should be controlled in 85%-95%. Too low humidity causes atrophic sporocarps and stops their growth while primordium becomes cracked and is in undifferentiated state. What’s more, direct water spraying on sporocarps should be particularly avoided or it causes yellow sporocarps and affects mushroom quality, rotten mushrooms also occur in severe case.
C. Air regulation: Fresh air is needed during the growth period of sporocarps, therefore, mushroom house should be ventilated from time to time, poor ventilation miserably affects the normal growth of sporocarps, in severe case, it causes tiny, atrophic and malformed sporocarps and stop the growth, with the negative addition of high temperature and humidity, it results in rotten sporocarps. Hence you should maintain considerable ventilation in mushroom house during the cultivation period of King oyster mushroom.