Recipe: chicken soup with Bamboo fungus and yam

2017-01-11 16:19:38

Ingredients: Bamboo fungi, yam, a local chicken, onion segments, ginger slices, salt, water
Cooking instructions: 
1. Peel the yam, after washing, soak in light salt water, then cut into dices.
2. Wash Bamboo fungi, soak in warm water, remove the head portion and reserve the medium portion, then cut into even sections.
3. Pour a pot of cold water into a stew-pot, bring into a boil, then lower to soft heat, drop in onion segments and stew for 2 hours.
4. Combine with yam dices and stew for 1 hour.
5. Finally drop in Bamboo fungus sections and stew with all ingredients for another 30 minutes, then lightly season with a pinch of salt. Enjoy.