Black fungus cultivation -corncob

2017-01-10 15:49:48

1. Smash and blanch materials: Smash fresh and clean corncobs with the pulverizer, put into the pot and give a quick boil, then ladle out, drain off and let cool.
2. Inoculation: Mix 6 parts of corncobs with 4 pieces of strains of Black fungus. (All the materials should be cooled ahead of time)
3. Cultivation: Choose the field where holds good ventilation and sufficient scatter light. You could firstly lay down the thin film which owns certain amount of holes, next, spread corncobs that are mixed with strain on the film, keep the thickness in about 10cm and seal ridge with sandy oil, then, cover a layer of thin film above the sandy soil and press the surroundings tightly with soil. Under the outdoor temperature of 5-15 degrees, fungus clumps form after 15-20 days. Auricles appear in 38-41 days. Under the temperature of 15-30 degrees and the relative air humidity of 85%-95%, matured auricles could be picked, dried and then sold after 15 days, 
Matters needing attention:After settling materials, you could pay close attention to water-draining. After finding that auricles have appeared, then certain scattered light should be remained and direct sunlight should be strictly prevented. For the last layer of thin film, be careful to uncover mouth and ventilate to prevent too high temperature. What’s more, too much water-spraying should be avoided so as to prevent rotten spawns and low yield.