The agricultural control methods on diseases and pests of mushroom

2017-01-09 16:27:02

For agricultural control methods of diseases and pests, You could go by the guideline that “Prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
Firstly of all, prevent and control agriculturally to attain the result with half effort. The followings are some agricultural control measures:
1. Flush-changing and cultivate alternately to cut off the food source of diseases and pests: For some cultivation rooms that have ever happened serious diseases and pests, you could successively cultivate different varieties in case of the outburst of common diseases and pests which are hard to control.
2. Choose strains that own strong disease resistance and viability, the characteristic of high purity. When introducing superior strains, be sure to choose the varieties which are fit for fruiting in certain season and temperature so as to reduce the infection opportunity and guarantee safe spawn running and smooth fruiting.
3. The field of strain-making should be kept in clean and dried condition: One of the important measures on increasing the rate of finished products in regard to strain is to guarantee a clean, dried and pollution-free field, a series of conditions such as smooth drainage, fresh air and clean water should be created as weak, which can guarantee a low index of sundry fungus in the air.
4. Same mushroom house, same variety, sow and fruit at the same time: By adopting these measures, it will be more convenient to manage and control diseases and pests. Under the good conditions that make for guaranteeing the normal fruiting, moderately lowering the temperature of mushroom house and reinforcing ventilation are conductive to eliminates the conditions that fit for diseases and pests. After picking mushrooms, you could timely clear away residual root, broken root, clear away polluted fungus sacks and keep mushroom room clean, which facilitate eliminating the breeding conditions of diseases and pests at the greatest extent.