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Black fungus Recipe: Perfect combination with broccoli

2016-12-16 16:16:01

Ingredients: broccoli, Black fungi, carrot, salt, chicken powder, onion, ginger, sesame oil, oyster sauce, vegetable oil
Cooking method: 
1. Soak Black fungi, remove the bottom portion and then tear into small pieces. 
Wash broccoli and break into chunks.
2. Prepare a pot of boiled water, drizzle with several drops of peanut oil and a dash of salt, then drop in broccoli chunks and give a quick boil, finally spoon out, let sit in cold water and drain off excessive water.
3. Season the broccoli chunks with sesame oil and oyster sauce.
4. Heat the pot, pour into moderate oil, then onion and ginger, next, Black fungus pieces and carrot slices.
5. Combine with seasoned broccoli chunks, sprinkle with a dash of chicken powder, if you like. Enjoy.