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Mushroom expo in Hefei of Anhui Province: more manifest vitality in open-up and transformation

2016-06-07 14:57:13

Manifest Vitality More In Open-up And Transformation
--sidelights of China (Hefei) International Edible Mushroom New Products & New Technique Expo and Market Circulation Summit
“the flower is similar for different year, yet the view is different for different year” is the best description of China (Hefei) International Edible Mushroom New Products & New Technique Expo and Market Circulation Summit. In elegant April mushroom expo came in beautiful Hefei of Anhui province, this expo took “innovation provides new power, expanding new market of demand, promoting new growth of mushroom industry” as the theme,over 300 well-known enterprises exhibited their new products and new technical achievements developed in recent years by them, over 1500 representatives participated in the expo lasting 3 days. With the improvement on expo organizing and high efficiency of service team, at the same time that self characteristic of nowadays expo was becoming stonger, it became more open and had times flavor.  
Just as past years except exhibiting new products and new techniques the expo also had splendid activities such as project promoting meeting, exchange meeting of new products and new techniques, visit and inspection and so on. Except the industry practitioners came from across the country took their expectations for industry development and were eager for new developed fruit of the industry, the enterprises and representatives who participated the expo for the first time felt different mushroom expo elements during the three-day exposition activity. 
In this expo many exhibitors are the first to participate. Local enterprise Anhui Hefei Lixin Mushroom Farm displayed fresh mushroom such as Hericium erinaceus, Pleurotus citrinopileatus and oyster mushroom grown in mushroom shed, these mushroom are charmingly naive, beautiful and lovely, attracted a lot of people. According to the introduction by head of Lixin Mushroom Farm, this time the company placed the mushroom growed in mushroom shed on the scene are mainly to let viewers closely contact with the mushroom which cannot be seen usually, at the same time of letting everyone know growth habit of edible mushroom understand that edible mushroom is safe and green food so as to expand the consumption of it by consumers.    
In addition, in this expo some manufacturers directly brought products to the scene and operated on the spot, among them mechanical equipment manufacturers were in the majority. The companies such as Qingfeng Environment, Hongyun Machinery, Longquan Mushroom Source and Shijiazhuang Qiqiang brought newly developed equipment to the expo scene and used convenient condition of real object perception and operation on the spot to let expo viewers directly understand equipment performance and choose the product which is attractive in price and quality among them. It is worth mentioning that in this expo Tianhe company directly moved mushroom house to the expo scene, the house is smaller than industrialized mushroom house and is “family size”, it has three interlayer from left to right and mushroom in bottle or bag can grow in it. Within the mushroom house there are refrigeration equipment, lighting equipment and air replacement equipment which can satisfy various requirement for mushroom production, outside the house installed intelligent control system which can adjust the temperature and humidity of the house. According to the introduction by the company principal,except the area of this kind mushroom house of “family size” is small, the various parameters suitable for mushroom growth are almost the same as industrialized mushroom house, both environment friendly and energy-saving and is fit for use by middle and small company of mushroom as well as family.
Whole industry chain coverage
In this expo for the exhibition variety there are new products, new technology and new information of various fields of edible mushroom include mushroom needed material, production equipment, deep-processing product as well raw and auxiliary material, cover the whole edible mushroom entire industry chain. Partition exhibition arrangement were more mature and made visit of viewers more efficient. The expo grasped the development opportunity of current edible mushroom machinery equipment upgrading, in each link involved in production process of edible mushroom there were display and exchange of automatic machinery equipment such as automatic inoculation machine, automatic bagging machine, automatic mixing machine, automatic sterilizer and so on, let expo viewers contact zero distance with machinery equipment application in each link involved in production process of edible mushroom with only one visit, in one way saves the time of equipment purchase by customer; in another way let customer have more choice opportunity.    
From statistic data from the expo committee, machinery equipment enterprises dominated the expo, some production enterprises also brought fresh mushroom and deep-processing products to the expo, its amount increased. At the same time many main producing areas of edible mushroom formed group to participate in the expo to “fetch the scriptures”.
Internationalization characteristic is stronger
With increasing of the international influence of our country’s edible mushroom industry, the cooperation and exchange between abroad edible mushroom practitioners and Chinese enterprises becomes more frequent. According to the introduction by Lihao, CEO of China Edible Mushroom Commercial Network, not only did the domestic well-known enterprises participated the expo, it attracted over 20 overseas representatives from India, Thailand, Netherlands, Ukraine, US and Chinese Taiwan and so on to participate, made the expo more manifest internationalization characteristic.    
In the expo scene the writer met a familiar overseas representative, Mrs Payong, and this is her second time to participate Mushroom Expo hosted by Commercial Network. Companying her is Mrs Punyanut and Mrs Pakawan, they expressed one after another that last year Mrs Payong attended the expo and introduced the message of China Mushroom Expo to them after she came back home, and made them very excited, and they decided to attend it this time with her. Mrs Payong expressed that in Thailand edible mushroom industry was developing very slowly, in many village it was still family workshop mode, its locality need come to China to seek advanced growing technology and understand advanced machinery equipment. It is just right that Commercial Network builds a international exchange platform for us. After one year my new farm is established successfully, i would like to greatly appreciate this international exchange and cooperation platform built by the sponsor.  
Lihao said this expo not only promoted communication between domestic enterprises and overseas representatives, but also contributed commercial exchange and cooperation among overseas representatives, representatives from India, Thailand and Netherlands exchanged name cards and conducted exchange on growing and technology of Agaricus bisporus, expressed that they would reach good cooperation relationship. 
Facing the increase of overseas representative amount, Lihao said: “after successful holding for 15 years, Mushroom Expo has become a influential event. For past several years under the guidance of strategy “one belt one road” proposed by central government more and more abroad edible mushroom practitioners began to concern Mushroom Expo and participate. On the basis of exchange and cooperation realized mutual benefit between overseas practitioners and Chinese enterprises and realized win-win. Next step, China Edible Mushroom Commercial Network will continue to rely on medium of edible mushroom English website as well as electronic journal to provide edible mushroom practitioners of various countries with latest news and market dynamics about china edible mushroom industry development, and build a commercial platform of cooperation and exchange for domestic and overseas enterprises, promote big integration and big development of global edible mushroom industry.
Simultaneous activities help the expo
The Anhui Mushroom Expo is not only a stage for product display and exchange for participated enterprises, during the three days the sponsor arranged the activities such as industry development exchange meeting, promotion meeting of new product and new technology and special subject forum as well as visit and inspection, in one way provided dealers, purchasers, producers and suppliers came from across the country with the butted platform of production and sale; in another way through expert keynote speech and on the spot visit and inspection activity let participants learn and understand latest and cutting-edge development trend of edible mushroom industry, at the same time that theory knowledge is sublimed, through on the spot inspection on edible mushroom enterprise made them grasp development path and operation mode of successful enterprises from practice, thus it is an scarce industry grand meeting that theory combines practice.      
Anhui Mushroom Expo has ended successfully, mushroom industry colleagues from across the country gradually grew up during mutual study and exchange. In the future Mushroom Expo will continue to take “pragmatic, precision and nearer to earth” as the expo organizing tenet, let more edible mushroom colleagues realize win-win result during the expo.